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1. Evaluation

Know your value, register your assets

Collect data on your company automatically and measure the value of intangible assets

2. Certification

Capitalize your assets

Certify in your accounting documents the real value of your assets

3. Monetization

Receive investment proposals on APS Index

Transform your certified intangible assets into financial assets that can be traded on international markets

Consult the APS standards

Improve your accounting standards: Asset Point Suite complies with the main international accounting regulations (IAS, IFRS): it identifies, evaluates and certifies also the intangible assets that frequently escape accounting in financial statements (customer list value, suppliers, human capital, know- how, network, etc.)

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The New Exclusive Features

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Digital Signature

Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) - or Digital Signature

Job advertisements management

Post / receive specific job offers or contact the best candidates

ATS Application Tracking System

Automatic management of applications

International ranking

Classification according to intangible assets

"AI" Verified Information

Verify the reliability of the information uploaded to E-CV and Company Profile

Deposit on Blockchain

Archiving of information and documents with legal date on the blockchain


Messaging between users in a protected environment with blockchain technology


Access to the same company profile for different company members

...and much more!
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Invest in Intangible Assets

With the APS platform you can finally compare and directly analyze your future investments in intangible financial assets.

Asset Point Suite

Asset Point Suite is the first digital platform for the accounting and capitalization of intangible assets.

Asset Point Suite is a project of: Starplan srl – Corso Giuseppe Siccardi 11/bis - 10121 Torino, Italia, P. IVA: 11817200014 www.starplan.it