Stop “Identity Theft”

NFT ID CARD guarantees incorruptible and inaccessible data to third parties. Keep safe your digital identity with the innovative NFT ID CARD and protect your data and documents from unauthorized access.

The application of Blockchain technologies allows a new valid proof of legal identity: NFT ID Card, eliminates fraud-related problems physical documents (ID cards, birth certificates, driver’s licenses …), and online access credentials to the virtual platforms.

NFT ID CARD can be used in virtual and real environments as identification document without border limits, because the ID Data is not stored in national centralized archives but on the Blockchain.

Your NFT ID QR Code can be printed on business cards, documents, labels and gadgets: with each scan o NFT ID QR Code, the owner receives a notification message.

To easily verify anyone's personal identity, just scan the QR Code of the NFT ID CARD: the photo and identification data will appear on your smartphone.

To easily control access to reserved places, just scan the NFT ID QR Codes generated by the NFT Card in a random and unique way (Digital Identity).


In recent years, the development of blockchain technology has brought a wide spectrum of potential application scenarios from finance to healthcare, IoT, management and many more: the blockchain, a distributed digital ledger, acts as an environment of trust and transparency. The subject of Digital Identity and Data Protection are getting more and more attention with development digital environments. Starplan’s NFT ID CARD would enable the digitalization and automation of the process of identification as well as protect people against identity theft and fraud.


“Self-sovereign identity” (SSI) a DLT Digital Identity solution

The APS Platform support the idea of “self-sovereign identity” (SSI), a model in which Users own all the rights over their digital identity. In this model, users have control over what happens with their identity, as only they can share it with whoever they want to. Current international Digital Identity Protocols use external private companies for the storage and processing of personal data (Trust Service Provider). In APS Platform the Trust Service Provider it is replaced by Distributed Digital Ledger, where each node of the Blockchain has trust authority on the confirmation of personal data uploaded by the user. In addition to these, the self-sovereign identity model supports the transparency of algorithms and systems, so that everyone can see how they work and have trust in the framework: in this model the user, through the Electron CV App, directly deposits and protects their personal data in encrypted form on the Blockchain (personal information is not stored in centralized databases of Trust Provider). The exclusive APS VERIFY Algorithm of Starplan is the only one able to interlace and automatically validate the personal data with a certified procedure, without the need to know the information!

Hashes and Timestamp

A hash function is a mathematical function which takes an input and returns an unique output (called hash) of fixed length. The input can be as small as a simple number or as big as a movie file. Hashes must be deterministic, so that the same input message always returns the same output hash. A small change in the input message should generate a completely different hash, therefore hashes must be uncorrelated. Finally, hashes must be unique; it should be hard to generate the same hash from two different input messages. The timestamp token created by APS Platform can be considered as trustworthy because - the APS Platform is independent from the signing process; - the APS Platform use a protocol for digital identity that relies on Blockchain technology and cryptography to ensure the privacy, validity and integrity of personal user data. - the clock of the APS Platform is synchronized with an authoritative time source; - the timestamp is digitally signed by the TSA; - the APS Platform shall follow strict specifications.

Electronic Advanced Signatures

Is a mathematical schema through which digital messages can be stamped by someone identified by a Public key and Private key pair. It is useful for verifying the identity of the originator, the authenticity of digital records as well as their integrity. The Register of the signatures affixed is not kept (and therefore known!) in a Trust Service Provider but directly deposited with time stamp certification on the Blockchain.

Secure Document Sharing solution

When accessing a resource, it is a must that the subject can be identified and prove that they have the right of using that resource. Identification is a way of establishing trust between individuals and is done by providing personal information (that is associated with the identity) and proof that the subject has the right to claim ownership of that identity. The proof is then analysed by the party that identifies the subject which decides whether to trust the individual or not.

Smart Recruitment process

APS Platform represents the exclusive meeting point for Job Candidates and Recruiters, without intermediaries, and border limitations: all the information, documents and endorsements uploaded on the E-CV have already been verified and validated by the original APS VERIFY algorithm, and are immediately visible on the Notice Board of Recruiters. At the same time is estimated and certified in real time the accounting fair value of the intangible asset "Human Resources": the company hiring the candidate can then record the fair value of HR in its balance sheet.

Human resources

At the same time is estimated and certified in real time the accounting fair value of the intangible asset "Human Resources": the company hiring the candidate can then record the fair value of HR in its balance sheet.

Certification and Monitoring Intangible Assets Value

APS INDEX is the first digital terminal where certified intangible assets are listed, relating to Human resources, Intellectual property and Cultural and Environmental heritage. The fair values posted on APS INDEX are appraised in accordance with the updated accounting standards IAS38, published by the Accounting International Standards Board (AISB).

Monetization of Intangible Capital

Like all certified capitalized assets, the intangible assets listed on the APS INDEX platform can be subject to financial processes such as securitization and tokenization. The IT architecture of the platform, based on Blockchain technologies, facilitates access to tokenization in the form of Security Tokens and NFT non-Fungible Tokens, allowing the User to easily monetize their intangible capital which is illiquid by nature.

Affiliate Program – Professional Partner

The NFT ID CARD allows participation in the STARPLAN Affiliate Program, an innovative operational partnership tool built with WEB 3.0 technology, which involves professionals from all over the world, and immediately offers the opportunity to increase one's earnings. In a secured digital environment, Affiliated Partners can directly exchange messages, documents in encrypted form and increase their own relational and professional network.

Platinum Card

The Platinum Discount Card is a rare NFT CARD, released in just 20,000 units on the occasion of Starplan's crowdfunding campaign. Every Holders of PLATINUM Discount Card enjoys the exclusive 70% discount on all products purchased on the Starplan e-commerce.

Platinum card Terms & Conditions



produce a ID Digital Authentication Card indispensable for interacting with all online platforms that require a valid proof of legal identity, thanks to the application of blockchain technologies, based on the authentication and valuation of personal data, in compliance with the international accounting standards IAS38 of the International Accounting Standard Board. The concept of project start in 2017 and materialized in 2018 within support of incubator 2i3t ( of the University of Turin, with the establishment of the STARPLAN Srl, innovative high-tech start-up, based in Turin (Italy). In the concept-test phase, the application of accounting standards for the certification of intangible assets to Human Resources has improved the verification of identity and the protection of personal data, as well as highlighting and certifying hidden HR assets. The application of Blockchain technologies in most private and public sectors requires a new valid proof of legal identity. This proof in forms or Digital ID Card, eliminates fraud-related problems physical documents (ID cards, birth certificates, driver’s licenses …), thanks to the use of the latest versions of Secure Hashing Algorithms. The last version (release 12.3) of the APS digital platform integrates N°5 original Algorithms, developed by the Starplan team, to respond to new needs in DLT environments.

Prototype stage (Beta phase):

in these years of development, different prototypes of APS digital platforms have been developed. The latest version 12.3 has finally passed all the tests of compliance with the rules on privacy, data collection and management, and the international accounting standards and is ready for the Beta phase. The Beta version will be launched on the occasion of the crowdfunding campaign, to support finance debugging and graphics. The end of the Beta phase is scheduled for 31 December 2023 with starting PREMIUM version with the APS platform will be 100% operational in its main functions, on 1 January 2024

Object campaign:

is the pre-sale of the exclusive NFT ID CARD, wich was conceived and created, in the form of an NFT, Non-Fungible Token, to guarantee users secure access to all the services offered by the APS platform. In addition, the NFT ID CARD, with the Electronic Advanced Signature function, allows access to others public and private digital platforms (healthcare, education, banking, public registers ...).



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Asset Point Suite

Asset Point Suite is the online platform that helps companies measure, certify and monetize their value.

Asset Point Suite is a project of: Starplan srl – Corso Giuseppe Siccardi 11/bis - 10121 Torino, Italia, P. IVA: 11817200014